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Bioprogramming by Lumielina is revolutionizing hair care with proprietary technology that reprograms the whole hair structure.

The hair revolution is here.

Benefits of becoming professional



Today, technology has literally transformed our daily lives. But the science of hair care hasn’t come as far. Isn’t it time technology was used to improve hair? The proprietary technology built into the ceramics of Bioprogramming’s Beauty Devices systematically rebalances the entire hair structure, from the follicle through the hair shaft, while increasing moisture levels. It means a complete improvement in hair health and quality, strand by strand – the way nature intended it to be. With Bioprogramming, hair comes alive again.



Bioprogramming Beauty Devices bring an alternative to conventional hair styling hot tools using breakthrough scientific innovation. Instead of stressing and damaging hair with silicones, dyes or heat, Bioprogramming Beauty Devices improve clients’ hair health and quality measurements – moisture, shine, and texture. Sure, this is counterintuitive to how hot tools function – but ground-breaking technology always is.

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Creating value is at the core of Bioprogramming’s education philosophy. When you’re BioPro Certified, you become the authority behind Bioprogramming’s revolutionary technology. Our curriculum is built on the conviction of understanding the why, rather than simply going through the motions. Our educational programs for both stylists and colorists, provide all the insider tips and finishing techniques you’ll need to refine and elevate your skills - and the quality of your clients’ hair.



The BioPro program is all about you! When you’re BioPro Certified, you’ll get all the support, tools, and assets you need – everything it takes to wow your clients.

• Marketing Toolbox – Materials to highlight salon and/or stylist as a BioPro Expert
• Initiatives designed to drive retail, referral, retention, and service
• Professional Preferred Pricing
• A Virtual Inventory Selling Program
• Customized Launch & Marketing Programs
• Merchandising & POS Solutions
• Pop-Up Consumer Styling Events
• Salon Locator Highlight
• Access to Finishing & Styling Curriculum

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