Bioprogramming by Lumielina is revolutionizing hair care with proprietary technology that reprograms the whole hair structure.

Consider this: Hair is not dead. We’ve only been conditioned to believe it is.

The truth – hair is dry, damaged, even lifeless. But it’s not dead. It can be revived, restored, reprogrammed, and brought back to a healthy, vibrant state – the way it was created to be.

How? By reprogramming the whole hair system – the hair shaft, surrounding cells, and the hydration levels of the proteins enveloping each hair strand.

Bioprogramming is based on the premise that beauty needs science, and this breakthrough scientific innovation is built into the ceramics of its beauty devices to rebalance hair structure and function. The result? A dramatic advance in hair health – moisture, shine, and texture – restoring hair quality, strand by strand.

With Bioprogramming, hair comes alive again.

The hair revolution is here.



LUMIELINA is a Japanese technology company focused on changing society through product innovation that enhances people's lives.

LUMIELINA operates in five life areas – water, medicine, beauty, agriculture and energy. LUMIELINA applies Programming Technology calculated by the space-time quantum physics theory to the development of their cutting-edge products. .

Bioprogramming is LUMIELINA'S beauty division. The proprietary technology is programmed into the ceramics of Bioprogramming beauty devices.

Bioprogramming has additional distribution in Japan and Korea in over 20,000 salons, top-tier hotels, and retailers such as Hankyu, where sales of its products rank among the top on the world's highest-grossing cosmetics floor.